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Interactive Smart Contracts

Based on WSX Network's original architecture, Contract Blocks will be crypto's first easy-to-use, full GUI app for quickly building smart contracts from pre-programmed building blocks in record speed, and will allow mainstream consumers to create advanced conditional terms as simply as tapping on a smartphone screen

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Open Oracle API

Oraclized APIs to serve as high-reliability inputs for triggering smart contract conditional verification. OpenOracle will serve as a validation layer for Contract Blocks to ensure correct enforcement of smart contracts.

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Building an on-demand resource-expandable infrastructure with a throughput profile of up to 1000x of Bitcoin's current TPS rating

Governance icon


Utilizing a sophisticated carbon voting mechanism, WSX's future will be put directly in the hands of every single WSX holder, as we believe it should be.

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Utilizing a resource-efficient and backwards-mixing Zerocoin protocol variant to deliver easy-to-access anonymity for every transaction

Scarcity icon


A sensible economic plan preserving WSX's currency value via a tightly-controlled inflation mechanism

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Eco Friendliness

Maintaining PoW-equivalent network security and integrity without wasting precious energy resources